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Dave Leggett | 17 April 2008

He's a senior executive based in San Diego but who spends a week of every month in Farmington Hills.

He believes that the regulatory framework imposing on the kinds of vehicles that car firms are forced to design should be radically redrawn so that we could get things like super-efficient three-wheelers.

He's got a big soft spot for a coupe designed in the US by a team led by a Brit and that has a Japanese brand badge on the grille. 

He's also wary of the often voiced assumption that Americans are going to have to love small cars.

He's of Mexican, Lebanese, and Iraqi descent, and was recently honoured as Latin-American Executive of the Year at the 12th annual Urban Wheels Awards.

Who am I talking about? You can read the interview I did with the gent concerned in the latest issue of Lotus Engineering's proActive (if you are not yet registered, you do have to sign up to see it, but that takes 10 secs and the downloads - including the full archive of past issues - are 'free, gratis and for nothing')...



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