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Dave Leggett | 1 November 2004

I just spoke on the telephone with just-auto contributor Tony Pugliese in Jakarta. He's flying tonight to Bangkok and will be there for a short while working on various things - including an article for this publication that looks at the current state of the Thai auto industry. Thailand has been in the news for the wrong reasons lately - the Thai military has a reputation for being tough and has been more than living up to that reputation in the south of the country where there is civil unrest currently. 

But Bangkok should be calm enough though - calmer than Jakarta perhaps (Tony saw some of the the grisly aftermath of the car bomb that went off a few months ago outside the Australian embassy near where he lives). Last time I was in Bangkok I met up with Tony and I recall that he introduced me to the delights of sun-dried pressed squid with sweet chilli sauce as a bar snack. Just grab a street vendor passing the bar. Bit chewy perhaps but certainly better than pork scratchings. 


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