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Dave Leggett | 4 December 2006

Caught the latest Bond film (movie, if you prefer) at the cinema at the weekend - Casino Royale. Yep, he did drive a prototype Mondeo at one point, but needless to say, Aston Martin was apparently his automotive brand of choice, still. Good product placement work from Ford - Jags and Rangeys everywhere you looked. Actually, very good film, I thought - the new guy, Daniel Craig, playing Bond did a good job (I never doubted him!). So did Eva Green and Judi Dench. One of those precious few films worth actually going to the cinema to watch. I also want to see Borat, but I think that can probably wait for cable or DVD. Maybe I will venture out again for Happy Feet, gotta love penguins...

Incidentally, while on subject of Mondeo - I picked up a one-year-old Ford Mondeo for GBP9,000 a month ago (list new, Zetec trim, now = GBP17,000). Average mileage, climate control, alloy wheels, two years' warranty left - not high spec, the workhorse 1.8 litre engine, but not a bad car at all. I went in to a big dealership near end of the month (when there are sales targets looming) so I knew I could talk the deal down and also got a very decent trade-in on the heap I was running. Lot of metal for t'money. No, we're not massively high-rollers here -  a Ford Mondeo does the job if you have a family of people with legs, like I do (I've another on-going automotive project with a fun aspect, but details have to be kept strictly confidential at this stage).

But why would you, as an average punter, with that sort of depreciation around, buy new?

GERMANY: Bond, James Bond, to preview Mondeo 5-door


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