Blog: Dave LeggettLate summer research discounts

Dave Leggett | 1 August 2003

August is generally a quiet month in business terms isn't it? Factories often stop production for annual maintenance jobs and vehicle assembly plants are re-tooled for new lines as the new model year beckons. It's also a time to take a breather before things get hectic again in September. But if you are at work and manning the Mary Celeste, August is a very good time to take advantage of a special offer in just-auto's research store. For the month of August only, blanket discounts of 10% are available on the research for sale in just-auto's store - that's 900 research reports and products. If you're planning on buying stuff in there, my advice is simple: don't leave it 'till September, when the offer expires. Click on the below link to go to the just-auto research store homepage and see what's available.


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