Blog: Dave LeggettLast day in Detroit

Dave Leggett | 19 April 2007

An interview with Ford’s Mark Fields is scheduled for tomorrow at 11:00am. And then there’s another meeting somewhere near Toledo before catching a flight to London in the evening. It has been a fun week actually. Sometimes it’s just refreshing to get a change of scenery and tempo. We met with some good people. And the Ford Edge getting us around has become increasingly agreeable – enough grunt for most tastes and it’s well put together; I reckon it might be a vehicle that Ford could look to sell in markets outside of North America. It could perhaps find a niche in Europe as an alternative to a BMW X3/X5 or Nissan Murano that also helps to raise the Ford brand’s general image. Maybe my initial take was unfair (or have I gone a bit native this week? - I have found myself taking more of an interest in the nuances of the baseball that seems to be on TV 24/7).

A pair of Ford GTs in the foyer at Ford's World HQ


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