Blog: Dave LeggettLand Rover's Judge Dredd 'City-Cab'

Dave Leggett | 17 August 2010

I had that Stallone in the back of the cab once - real diamond geezer...

I had that Stallone in the back of the cab once - real diamond geezer...

I have always taken a bit of interest in the vehicles that play significant supporting roles in movies or TV programmes.

The interest is heightened when the car is maybe a pre-production prototype or teaser for the market (BMW Z3 in James Bond Golden Eye and the Caddy CTS in the chase scene in The Matrix Reloaded spring to mind). But there have been some wonderful concepts too – especially on vehicles set in the 'future' (anyone recall the MPV in Blade Runner, Johnny Cab in Total Recall or the rather magnificently styled Lexus in Minority Report?).

And if movies are sufficiently mediocre  – not the ones mentioned above, I hasten to add – it may well be that the concept car is about the best thing in it and the only thing to stick in the mind. Which brings me to the Land Rover 'City-Cab' in the not very memorable Judge Dredd (made in 1995 and starring Sylvester Stallone). I was, however, reminded of the impressively styled Land Rover concept by a press release today that says you can see it and other Land Rovers that have been in movies at this year’s LANDROVERmax! Event held at Stoneleigh Park from 28th to 30th August.

The release says that no fewer than 31 examples were made for the film (that seems like a high number), which was set in 2139. Featuring an all-new body design, bodies were made from glass-fibre and were built by Land Rover – on the Land Rover 101 FC (Forward Control) running gear.

Visit the website for further info on that event.

I also found this interesting background on the 101 FC. Right, back to the day job...


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