Blog: Dave LeggettLand Rover quality

Dave Leggett | 3 July 2007

Land Rover quality shortfalls is an issue that goes a long way back. It's got something to do with methods of production and the Solihull culture, I believe. BMW had a hands-off approach in the 1990s (focussed on quietly transferring technology and knowledge) when things got even worse with raised production levels. Ford has obviously tried to improve things ('road map' ultimatum a few years ago) and there has been limited progress, but it's depressing to see Land Rover still at the bottom of quality surveys. Maybe Ford simply gave up more recently.

It's still an iconic brand and many Land Rovers stay on the road for decades (the simple workhorse Defenders, for example, are robust and easily repaired), but the modern consumer wanting a Land Rover for the school run probably isn't very impressed. They'd be better off with a Honda and that message must be spreading.

UK: Honda most reliable in consumer survey


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