Blog: Dave LeggettLand Rover quality, PAG integration

Dave Leggett | 2 June 2003

I see things have flared up a bit at Land Rover lately. Quality has been an issue with Land Rover for a very long time (BMW left Landy quality issues alone and it just got worse) and now Ford is seeking to put things right and looking for changes to working practices. But on measures to combine more of the activities of its UK PAG operations, Ford will be treading on very sensitive ground. Just how separate should Land Rover and Jaguar be? If you bump into someone quite high up at Jag, who is a real steeped-in-the-history Jag person and - off the record - put that question to them, you'll quickly discover that the question brings with it a little discomfort, whatever the public line. Maybe Dearborn is finally losing patience with these UK sensibilities though - there are potentially some big cost savings to be had. And as for some of the more dated Solihull practices, it's probably about time they went: no smoking on the line please guys and gals!


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