Blog: Dave LeggettLand Rover problems

Dave Leggett | 20 October 2003

Some wry smiles may be present in BMW's boardroom as they get ready to roll out the X3 while Ford continues to experience Landy problems. BMW had possession of Land Rover long enough to assimilate Land Rover's 4x4 technology and then offloaded the company to Ford. Many questioned that at the time, but it looks like a smart move now. Ford soon learned that the company's products enjoy woeful reliability - something that BMW did nothing to tackle - and that the workers have a self-destructive militant streak that would make 'Red Robbo' (that curious union character who almost single-handedly sank the old British Leyland) proud. At least that's how it comes across. Agree to new (but already in operation in other PAG plants) working practices like not smoking on the line? - get outta here. So, new Freelander goes to Halewood and maybe the next one won't have the appalling reliability record of the current one. Penny dropping yet in Solihull? Well, the workers have just rejected a pay deal which suggests more headaches may be ahead for the management. It's a slightly depressing throwback to an era when industrial relations in Britain was less about constructive dialogue and more about blokes with bad haircuts and sheepskin coats bellowing in a loudhailer to a crowd of pumped up activists.


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