Blog: Dave LeggettLand Rover and Jag production in same plant

Dave Leggett | 18 July 2003

I've just heard that Land Rover will be moving production of its Freelander model to Halewood - the former Ford plant near Liverpool that now makes Jaguar cars. There will be plenty of people at Land Rover who won't be happy about the switch, but from a Ford and PAG point of view there's industrial logic. It makes better use of the under-used Halewood site and also frees up space at the cramped Land Rover Solihull facility. But Land Rover and Jaguar getting even closer together will undoubtedly fuel some resentment from those - in both units - who value brand independence. It will also encourage the view that there's an inexorable movement towards the real Ford goal for LR and Jag: 'one company, two badges'.


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