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Dave Leggett | 11 November 2008

We have just published another feature that has resulted from Mark Bursa's recent trip to AvtoVAZ. The first feature put the place in historical context and the latest says more about current developments and the future. I must say, the Lada 2116 - off the new AvtoVAZ C-platform - doesn't look half bad; ditto the upcoming CUV. As ever, Mark's honed eye for the unusual brings us something a little offbeat - in this case his observations on the portraits in reception (have a look in the article gallery). 

Included there is Vladimir Kadannikov having a puff on a ciggy outside AvtoVAZ HQ, leaning against a Samara. Nice picture. The image file Mark sent through was called....wait for it...Vlad the inhaler.jpg. He can be very droll that Mr Coolbear.

As myself and Matthew Beecham agreed yesterday while reviewing the 3M Q&A (and more particularly the 'bonding' puns at the top), we have to get our laughs wherever we can.

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