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Dave Leggett | 30 March 2005

Labour unions have a pretty simple brief: protect union members' jobs and get them the best working conditions possible. Often that goal is not inconsistent with other company goals and objectives, like those of the company's shareholders or managers, but sometimes it is and conflict results. But the best union reps understand the game and know that if there is no company, there will be no jobs. And they have a realistic view of the company and what needs to happen, even if they sometimes have to say something a little different in public. Managers often confide in them, so managers and unions are working together, kind of, as a team towards common goals. There's mutual respect. 

And the German works councils embody the post-war German economic model of industrial cooperation that has been, let's face it, pretty successful - even if the doubts have increased over the last decade.

But I  wonder what GM Europe/Opel people make of this guy's comments? Wishful thinking or what? 

GERMANY: Opel labour chief calls for exports to United States


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