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Dave Leggett | 19 July 2007

Interesting to see images of the Ford small SUV production concept, Kuga, that will get an airing in Frankfurt and which previews a small SUV for Europe next year. The Autoblog commentator raises an interesting point in terms of how integrated Ford product development and offerings globally currently are and the speed at which it's becoming more integrated.

In terms of Ford's turnaround, it might be a case of a need to 'step on it' a little, the impression being generated that progress in this area has been a little slow. Why is new Mondeo - getting rave reviews over here - not offered in the US instead of the Fusion (decent car though that is) and why is a small B-car in the US market to compete with the likes of Honda's Fit/Jazz still some way off?

When I spoke to Mark Fields about this a couple of months ago he was certainly aware of the need to pick up the pace in terms of integrating global engineering architectures, but is Ford playing too safe on the actual product offerings, reluctant to break away from an NA-only mindset? If it's an internal culture thing, could it be connected to the relative importance of trucks to Ford in the US?

FRANKFURT PREVIEW: Ford readies compact crossover


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