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Dave Leggett | 29 September 2003

I don't know who this Paul Holmes guy down under is, but he seems to have overstepped the mark a tad with his comments about UN boss Kofi Annan. Even if his remarks were tongue-in-cheek or some kind of send-up, he slipped up badly. It's inexcusable and reckless because there are bigoted people out there who will take the remarks at face value even if Holmes wasn't wholly serious. I think Mitsubishi probably took the right decision and Holmes deserves to be carpeted. Tough lesson, but saying sorry seems a little inadequate in this case. Broadcasters have responsibilities after all.

Mind you, I can't help thinking that the UN has become a rather moribund organisation these days. I'm not sure what the answers are though. Any club reflects its membership. Talking of which, I heard the other day about the level of fraud that's just been detected within the EU commission's statistical body, Eurostat. It really is quite shocking to think about the scale of the fraud that's been going on with European taxpayers' money. Accountability? Almost non-existent. Food for thought next time I delve into Eurostat numbers (many of which are rubbish - especially the cross-border trade volume figures, but that's another story..)


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