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Dave Leggett | 11 June 2004

Sometimes its hard to know how to give something a fresh look, although we do strive to be different. Here we go again. Another news story about Fiat and its corporate goings on. Our resident Kiwi who takes care of the news coverage, Graeme Roberts, succeeded in raising a few smiles yesterday though and wins the 'Incongruity of the Month' award. I refer to the news item headed, 'ITALY: More trouble at t' Fiat mill'. 

'Trouble at mill' is a vernacular phrase straight out of northern England's past - when there were still mills up there - referring to, well, unspecified difficulties at the proverbial major local employer. The use of the t' at the front of mill adds to the colloquial effect. Just don't ask me to do the 'northern' accent. For the benefit of non-Britons, I should perhaps point out that there is some traditional rivalry between England's stereotypical nancy-boy sophisticates in the south and the gritty no-nonsense types who live in the north. 

I'd better keep an eye on Mr Roberts, lest he morphs into the flat-capped northern comic strip character called Andy Capp. Come to think of it, he does have a flat cap and I wonder if he has a penchant for 'black pudding' (a delightful sausage made from congealed pigs blood and said to be loved by all northerners)? Me, I'm a southern softie who's always lived in or near London, although I do like black pudding and my mother hails from Yorkshire.

ITALY: More trouble at t' Fiat mill


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