Blog: Dave LeggettKia whacks US execs at NADA meeting

Dave Leggett | 13 February 2008

To continue this Koreans-all-over-the-shop-in-US thing, there's a section in Autoextremist on the subject pointing out a few salient things - like the glowing words issued about the recently departed gents just a couple of months ago. There's also the observation that the Koreans often spring such news at dealer meetings. Follow the below link and scroll to the bottom of the page to see De Lorenzo's full take.

Here's the AdAge article about the speculated sense of humour failure (the TV ad is a little, well, ropey)

Kia officials told dealers at a Kia meeting during the National Automobile Dealers Association conference (as a matter of fact, it’s a common joke with execs working for Kia and Hyundai - to be careful around dealer meetings, because that’s when U.S. executives always get whacked).


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