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Dave Leggett | 6 March 2013

I understand there has been a minor fuss made over the use of the word 'provo' as a name for a Kia concept car shown in Geneva.

Objections came from a Northern Ireland MP who pointed out that 'provo' is a slang term used for members of the Provisional IRA, a terrorist group that eventually opted for the ballot box instead of the gun (though not all its members agreed with that). He was probably making political capital out of it, but feelings still run high in that part of Ireland, as the recent riots over flags flown in Belfast showed. Symbols tend to be pretty important to both sides there. It's not surprising that someone latched on to that provo name.

Head of Kia UK's PR unit Steve Kitson seemed to strike exactly the right tone in putting that one to bed and reassuring everyone that no offence was intended, that it's a concept car and you will not see the 'provo' nameplate on the back of a Kia production car.

Just one thing, and I'm sure its ironic, but just check out the title of this Kia press release about the provo: 'set the streets alight'...

Kia looks to set the streets alight with radical provo concept at Geneva


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