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Dave Leggett | 21 February 2008

I interviewed Paul Willis, the new COO at Kia Europe earlier today (did it down the phone). The new 'Soul' concepts that will emerge in Geneva are clearly at the centre of a strategy to redefine Kia as something more than a value brand, something 'fun' for the 'young at heart'.

Soul could well be to Kia what Scion is to Toyota in the US. And unlike Scion, Soul will definitely be coming to Europe. Look for the full write-up of the interview on just-auto early next week.

Incidentally, Paul is right with me on preferring rail if possible over flying - see below - and has recently made the journey from London to Frankfurt (where Kia Europe is headquartered) by choo-choo.

GENEVA PREVIEW: New Kia Soul to challenge Scion?


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