Blog: Simon WarburtonKia gears up for Indian summer

Simon Warburton | 15 April 2011

Kia was showing off its upgraded Picanto this week in Barcelona and the small car packs quite a punch for a frugal 1L or 1.2L engine.

The South Korean company had installed a TomTom in our Picanto whose pronunciation of Spanish roads and place names would have made Manuel from the ancient British sitcom Fawlty Towers blush.

And after 'stopping for a scenic picture' as suggested in the itinerary - it was actually a piece of scrubland - we eventually found our hotel by the beach for the formal Kia presentation.

It's fair to say Kia's quite bullish at the moment - an upgraded portfolio and an extremely competitive price position - are putting the automaker more and more front of mind.

That coupled with some high profile sponsorships such as the football World Cup and renaming the English cricket ground the 'Kia Oval' and Kia is starting to push itself forward.

Just to reinforce that cricket message, as our Airbus A320 let down gently over central London this afternoon (15 April) on the flight back from Barcelona, there was the Oval slap bang below us looking at its pristine best as the English cricket season prepares to get into full swing.

And right there staring up at us on the massed ranks of seats - there's no match today - was the word KIA emblazoned boldly in huge letters.

The South Koreans are putting their money where their mouth is. Both recent cricket World Cup finalists - the victors India and Sri Lanka - are due to tour England iminently - Kia will surely reap the rewards from what is bound to be massive exposure. 


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