Blog: Dave LeggettKerkorian vs Schrempp

Dave Leggett | 6 February 2004

The great 'was it a takeover or not' DaimlerChrysler court case re-opens next week after the hiatus caused by the discovery of Valade's notes at the end of last year. Am I alone in getting a little tired of it? I just hope it doesn't drag on for too much longer. I've actually got to get booted and suited - something that I'm never that keen on - and go down to the BBC to be interviewed about the subject for BBC World. I suppose if I turned up in jeans and T-shirt there'd be some raised eyebrows. To be honest, there are lots of things I'd rather be doing, although some of my colleagues are convinced I'm a 'media whore'. My mood is not being helped by the weather outside. It's chucking it down.


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