Blog: Dave LeggettKen Block and his doughnuts/donuts

Dave Leggett | 15 March 2016

There has been something of a media furore in the UK this week involving filming for the news series of BBC's Top Gear. The revered motoring magazine TV show is being filmed with new presenters after the last lot legged it to Amazon Prime after Jeremy Clarkson punched a producer because there was no hot food on offer at a hotel where they were filming. The new lot - led by DJ Chris Evans and American actor Matt LeBlanc (he of Friends and Episodes) - have their work cut out to follow their hugely successful predecessors. A few people in the media may be gunning for them.

And so it was that we had quite a fuss this week after Matt LeBlanc and Ken Block were filming some stunts in a Ford Mustang on a closed off central London street that hosts an important war memorial. Disrespectful, some said. It looks a little unwise, certainly. A cynic might say it has got the brand and the programme in the news...

Anyway, just on Ken Block and his fabulous donuts...Gymkhana number 8 has come out - he's laying down rubber on tarmac in Dubai this time. Some fantastic footage. Better there, perhaps, than around the Cenotaph.


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