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Simon Warburton | 9 December 2010

With apologies to those who don't like the rather peculiar - and very British Commonwealth-oriented game of cricket - there's the biennial ding dong between England and Australia taking place at the moment.

Given the fiendish time difference between the old sporting enemies, the latest I've managed is 2am before staggering bleary eyed to bed, but our boys - that's the English in case you're in Adelaide - are doing pretty well after being soundly thrashed 5-0 last time down under.

We've got a pretty explosive batsman on our side - step forward Kevin Pietersen - who bashed the ball about last week - and he just happens to have a great - Aussie - mate of his - the one and only Shane Warne - who has probably enjoyed a similar if not more amount of tabloid headlines as KP.

England are in Melbourne this week ahead of a touring game before the next Ashes battle in Perth and Warnie - true to form and wanting to show off his Victoria hometown - apparently offered to arrange a Lamborghini for his pal to play with.

Quite how anyone secures a Lambo just like that is anyone's guess, but Warnie's pretty much close to Royalty when it comes to Oz, so hey presto, a shiny yellow one was found.

Warnie plus KP is just about guaranteed to deliver explosives. And what do you know? Shortly after Kevin took the wheel of the Lamborghini, he got a speeding ticket and some great headlines to bolster his swashbuckling image even further.


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