Blog: Dave LeggettJune 6

Dave Leggett | 6 June 2011

A respectful nod of gratitude across the Atlantic is called for today. Let's not get overly sentimental, but the huge sacrifices made 67 years ago by young Americans are still hugely appreciated over here (the cinematic story of Saving Private Ryan always worth a re-run).

But is June 6 notable for much else? Yes, it is, apparently. Jaguar E-Type anniversary. It is one of those classic car designs that has an enduring appeal. And a practical '150mph hatchback' is certainly another way to think of the fixed head version.

Actually, on closer inspection, June 6 may not be a verifiable milestone date for the E-Type but well done to the enthusiasts making a deal of taking some of the iconic cars on a drive in London. When kids see something like that and their eyes light up, not sure why, that's the point. We ignore or forget our heritage, our history, at our peril.

And, once again, respectful nods all round.

Why the Jaguar E-Type is still a style icon after 50 years


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