Blog: Dave LeggettJourney more important than arrival?

Dave Leggett | 17 February 2005

Just been chatting to Deepesh Rathore and we got on to the subject of the trusty old Hindustan Ambassador. I pointed out that there was a specialist importer bringing small numbers into the UK a fair few years back. There were a few takers (trendy types or firms looking to make a different kind of statement) but numbers were small and I would guess that the cost of converting them to meet UK homologation requirements would have been high (and you can forget modern emissions standards on the engine). 

But Deepesh has also helpfully pointed out that if I need an Amby fix, there is a solution. I have come across these Karma Kars (British based) guys before and if I wanted to make an impression, I'd have one of these over one of the ubiquitous Lincoln stretch limos every time. Cool website and it has brightened my day immeasurably.

Karma Kars


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