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Dave Leggett | 16 May 2007

Just sent a note to GM's new communications director for UK and Ireland, Joe Jacuzzi, who had written to introduce himself (not to me personally, it's a standard note). He's got an interesting pedigree: lately in a marketing and product planning role at Shelby, formerly Director of North American Brand and Product Communications for GM. I just politely responded to wish him well. Moving jobs is a big thing, but moving countries must be quite an upheaval.

But that is a great name isn't it? Joe Jacuzzi. Second para of his note reads:

"Let's get the name thing out of the way straight away. Yes, it's Jacuzzi as in the spa baths. My father invented it, in between racing cars, back in the late 1960s."

I had to look it up...  



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