Blog: Simon WarburtonJLR's runaway success turns Scottish heads

Simon Warburton | 7 October 2011


JLR was so overwhelmed by media demand to try its new Evoque at the 'international' launch based in Liverpool that it took a second tranche of UK writers to the spectacular border country between England and Scotland yesterday (6 October) to put its latest creation through some pretty demanding paces.

That border country is wild and unpredictable - borne out by lashing rain one minute and dazzlingly blue sky the next - which gave an added spice to some Evoque off-roading to test its myriad traction faculties.

I'm guessing my esteemed colleagues on these pages - whose product knowledge dwarfs my own - would vouch this is a sure-fire winner for JLR.

A burgeoning order book, a hefty waiting time, not too hefty mind, six months is about all anyone will put up with and looks that will melt the sternest of critics, mean the Evoque is JLR's 2011 runaway success.

This car - SUV? - is a joy to handle in wind, rain and sun, all of which were ladelled out in huge dollops up in the border country yesterday.

And pulling into Edinburgh just off the iconic Royal Mile, the Evoque created quite a head-turning stir, with the Scots giving the three-door coupé a double take as it glided to a halt.

The Evoque was an eye-opener in the wilds of sheep country, but what will it be like on the Monday morning commute to the office? My guess is it will be equally good to drive in suburbia.



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