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Dave Leggett | 15 May 2006

Are you a car enthusiast who belongs to a car owners' club? They are beneficial in lots of ways - you can get cheap parts, good advice and mingle with fellow automotive travellers. It can be especially useful if you own a classic car. Or something exotic and temperamental and like a bit of automotive DIY at the weekend.

But is the fact that you own a certain brand/model of car a safe enough common denominator for wanting to spend time with people who also have made the same motoring choices? Just because you have the same car/brand as someone else doesn't necessarily mean you share their world view or values and want to spend time talking to them about where they go on holiday or what books they've been reading lately.

On the other hand, you may be a complete and utter anorak who is obsessed with your automobile and care about little else; in that case it perhaps does make sense to meet others of a similar bent (or you'll be a bit lonely).

I was mulling this weighty matter yesterday after reading Jeremy Clarkson's review of the BMW M3 CS in the Sunday Times. His antipathy towards car clubs and the people they attract got me thinking that there is something interesting at work here. The car club is almost - in some instances - like a super-concentrate of the brand's/model' s more general appeal.

Anyway, after a bit of a meander, he liked the drive in the M3 CS.  

Article link is below.

Clarkson's review


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