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Dave Leggett | 11 August 2008

Thoughts this morning are with the untimely loss of hugely respected journalist and book writer Jeff Daniels earlier this year. I found myself last week writing an intro to a collection of articles published on just-auto - including one extracted from Jeff's last report for just-auto on 'future fuels'. His name has cropped up again this morning as someone else who knew him has just found out what happened. As I said before, he'll be much missed - and that includes as an intelligent contributor on websites/forums where his real identity may not have been known. I don't want to dwell further on Jeff's demise here, but thought I'd mention the fact that people are still finding out that he's gone and being upset by the news.

While we're on the chirpy subject of death, it was a bit shocking to hear that Andrea Pininfarina bought it last week in a freakish sounding accident while riding his Vespa scooter on the way to the office just outside Turin. It's obviously a tragedy and the guy was just 51 - our sympathies go out to the family. Sounds like a down to earth guy, riding a scooter to the office when, presumably, he had some pretty tasty four wheel transport to choose from.


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