Blog: Dave LeggettJD Power/Crain event in Paris

Dave Leggett | 29 August 2006

I have been invited to be on a media panel at an event in Paris next month just ahead of the Paris Show. It's a 'roundtable' event organised by JD Power and Crain. I'm not sure how many people go along to such things, but it looks like a good agenda and there are some names as speakers.

Unfortunately, logistics mean that I probably won't be able to be there at the right time to participate in the panel (though I will try my best). Hopefully I'll get there in time to at least hear some of the address by Carlos Ghosn and maybe fire in a quick question ('how's the Nissan reorganisation in the US going?'). Looks like a decent event actually - a good warm-up for next day's official press day. 

International Automotive Roundtable, Paris 2006


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