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Dave Leggett | 9 March 2005

I was talking earlier on the blower with Martin Phillips, one of the directors over at LMC. Until recently, UK-based LMC was a privately held firm that included automotive forecasting and consulting services. A huge competitor for LMC historically was DRI, a part of McGraw-Hill. Martin spent many years battling with DRI and other firms in the marketplace. 

After a very long stay, DRI's automotive forecasting and consulting activities left McGraw-Hill a few years ago (sold to WEFA I think, then ownership changed again). 

Bear with me. As DRI was leaving the McGraw-Hill bosom, LMC formed an alliance with JD Power and was finally - it was a very long time coming - purchased outright by JD Power last autumn. 

With the announcement that JD Power has been sold to McGraw-Hill, the LMC people in Britain will now be part of that rather large McGraw-Hill family. So, LMC is inside McGraw-Hill and the current incarnation of what was formerly DRI (called Global Insight) is now outside!

We had a little laugh about that - strange how things sometimes work out over the years.

Martin was also calling to see if I'd be going to JD Power-LMC's (sorry, McGraw-Hill's - actually, they would be crazy to mess with that JD Power brand name and I'm sure they won't) automotive outlook conference in London on 22 April. I normally go along and this year should be no exception.     

Dave Power cashes in his chips


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