Blog: Dave LeggettJD Power-LMC Global Automotive Outlook Conference

Dave Leggett | 23 February 2004

Martin Phillips at Oxford-based LMC has been in touch to invite me to the JD Power-LMC Global Automotive Outlook Conference which is being held in London on 22 April. I'll try and get along and do some sort of write-up for just-auto. These events are normally pretty good at giving a good overview of the big issues affecting the industry globally and by region - like market direction trends and production capacity. 

There are some good speakers lined up - including Pete Kelly, Arthur Maher and Al Bedwell of LMC, Gerhard Balthasar (GM Europe's Director, Economic and Market Analysis), Denton Dance (LMC - Asia) and Bob Schnorbus from JD Power in the US. The conference audience - mainly Power and LMC clients but with a generous sprinkling of outsiders - is normally pretty good too and a couple of hundred strong.

If you are interested in knowing more, click the link below.


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