Blog: Dave LeggettJD Power-LMC forecast conference

Dave Leggett | 18 April 2005

This Friday (22nd) I am planning to go along to the JD Power-LMC forecast conference in London. Details on registration and the programme are available via the link below. The conference is timely, with the global economy threatened by the impact of high oil prices and soft automotive market conditions in both the US and western Europe.

There's plenty going on at the moment to exercise the forecasters. I see stocks across Europe are having another bad day today, triggered by poor IBM results announced late last week (Fiat dropped 10% to an all-time low on European car market worries). Big Blue is a bit like a canary in the mine - if it is in trouble everybody better watch out. The Nikkei has taken a hammering today too, investors' confidence being knocked further by the Japan-China diplomatic row that is going on. Will be interesting to get the latest update on prospects for the Chinese market and industry from Denton Dance (shouldn't he be a TV soap star with a name like that?). All in all, looks like a good conference programme.

Forecast conference


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