Blog: Dave LeggettJD Power Forecasting Conference

Dave Leggett | 10 April 2007

I've just been looking at the agenda for the JD Power Automotive Forecasting conference I'm going to this Thursday. Looks like a full programme and there are a couple of interesting guest speakers too. Heinz Schmitz from Stadco is talking about Russia  - where Stadco is investing in stamping operations - and Ercan Tezer from the Turkish Automotive Manufacturers Association (OSD) is giving an overview of what has been a rapidly growing manufacturing centre with good access to Europe (and a customs union with the EU, irrespective of the thorny old membership question).

Should be a good day - one or two old DRI (it's called Global Insight now) forecasting colleagues to say hello to also.

By the way, the Turkish OSD has a pretty useful website, actually. Domestic production by model data is readily available along with a commentary and additional data from TSKB Research - all in English, too.

Turkish auto industry data


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