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Dave Leggett | 28 April 2006

Good day in Paris at the JD Power forecasts conference yesterday - I've some material to work on today. I had a good chat with Arthur Maher, Head of European Forecasting, who was as refreshingly candid as ever. He laid it on the line in terms of European car plants facing closure (click below link). The growth of car demand and production in eastern Europe and its consequences was perhaps the main theme that I got out of the day.

John Walker from Oxford Economic Forecasting (OEF) had a useful data slide that described hourly compensation costs for workers (including welfare/social costs) in manufacturing for selected countries. Germany was top of the list at almost US$33. The US was at US$25. Brazil was US$3 and Poland was US$5. China was at the bottom of the list at just US$1. Something to reflect on.

The conference venue was the suitably grand Westin Hotel on Rue de Castiglione, near to the Place de la Concorde and not far from the Louvre. The room rate there was pretty steep (something like €300 a night). I found something - Hotel du Continent - at nearer €100 a night just around the corner and literally a two minute stroll from the Westin; a  perfectly adequate, friendly and clean, small hotel. Found it using Couldn't help feeling a little bit smug about that.


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