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Dave Leggett | 3 April 2008

I've booked myself in to JD Power Automotive Forecasting's upcoming seminar in Frankfurt. You can see the programme from the below link. There are a few old friends for me to catch up with there and if it's anything like past JD Power seminars I have been to, it will be informative and thought provoking.

The hotel venue looks like a rather grand affair with room rates to match, so I found myself something cheaper (€50 a night) not too far away.

I struggled with multi-tasking though while booking it last night.

I was speaking on skype to one of my brothers who is working in Mexico at the moment, while also listening to the Arse-'Pool Champions League game on the radio and negotiating the various hotel options online. That's three things to cope with simultaneously. Could I manage that?

Dangerous stuff to be sure: credit card was out, multiple websites were open, there was exciteable radio commentary in the background and I was being amused by bro's tales of life in an outsourcing plant (he's actually working somewhere close to the Nissan plant there, but he's not in automotive). Did it all go smoothly? I thought so and was feeling pleased with myself when the hotel confirmation booking sheet printed out.

But...I checked the map and it turns out I confused hotel option 5 with hotel option 6 (c'mon, the numerals look similar and were small on the screen), and I now have an additional 15 mins walk from the main railway station to the hotel, a penalty for not paying sufficient attention as I clicked. Luckily, the one I have ended up in still a cheapo hotel. The multi-tasking jury is out.

UK: Eastern surge to lift European car market  - from last year's seminar in London

JD Power Forecasting event link


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