Blog: Dave LeggettJay Leno's favourite pickup

Dave Leggett | 6 September 2005

There was a nice article in the last Sunday Times in which US TV personality and comedian Jay Leno described his experiences with a great big pickup - a behemoth that puts the biggest pickups offered by GM and Ford well into the shade (click below link to see the article). Yes, it's the International CXT. It's made by a proper heavy duty freight truck manufacturer, so we're talking no-nonsense. The John Smiths of trucks (the Yorkshire brewer should put Peter Kay in one for one of its ads). Actually, more 'rig' than truck. Mr Leno revels in its huge impracticality and absurd dimensions, plus he does a nice line in sending up the rather tired extreme American stereotypes that some 'comics' over here do to death - that appeals to me. Loved that Cotswolds dream...

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