Blog: Dave LeggettJATO gets what?

Dave Leggett | 22 February 2005

JATO Dynamics is a privately owned company based in northwest London (Harrow to be precise) that specialises in producing global vehicle specifications and other data (the company HQ does what it says on the tin - it is named 'Carspecs House'). I am fairly well acquainted with the company and have been over to see them a few times in the past. For the Americans out there, JATO competes on data in many areas with RL Polk, if that provides any additional context. 

It is not especially glamourous, but data crunching of the sort that JATO specialises in appears to fulfill an important auto industry need.  

But I must confess to being fairly surprised to receive a press release from the company entitled 'JATO gets surreal'. What could this mean exactly? And no, it is not a comment on the quality of some of the data. In fact, it looks like JATO main man Jake Shafran appreciates his art. Click the below link to find out more. Always nice to see people looking a little further than the end of their noses for inspiration. If you are in Barcelona around the time of the Barcelona Motor Show, ANE Congress or Spanish GP, Paris and the Surrealists could be worth a visit. Last thing I'd associate with JATO, so well done someone for reminding me that this world is full of surprises and nothing should be taken for granted. 

JATO gets surreal


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