Blog: Dave LeggettJapanese reliability

Dave Leggett | 14 June 2005

The shipment of large quantities of Japanese used cars to certain right-hand drive markets has historically been driven by the Japanese predilection to renew their cars after four years of ownership (ahead of slightly tough and expensive domestic MOT roadworthiness tests) and the simple fact that the cars’ innate reliability makes them attractive in some parts of the world.

New Zealand has long been a notable destination and so has Ireland (with a significant role as a staging post for parallel exports to Britain). But not many people realise that the far eastern part of Russia, centred on the geographically convenient port of Vladivostok, has also emerged as a viable market for used cars from Japan. And the locals apparently prefer them to the new cars churned out by Russian makers, even with the steering wheel on the wrong side!  

RUSSIA: Imports of used Japanese cars up in Russia's Far East


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