Blog: Dave LeggettJapanese in Europe

Dave Leggett | 14 November 2003

The October car sales figures for Western Europe are certainly striking in terms of the performance of the Japanese OEMs, especially relative to the Europeans. But many of them (Toyota excepted) are still actually some way off historical peaks after their loss of share in Europe during the high yen period of the 1990s. How far can they go in Europe? That's a question I intend to do some digging into with industry forecasters and analysts. But there's a political dimension to this that shouldn't be forgotten. Adding share derived from additional output from European 'transplant' facilities, rather than CBU imports from Japan, is politically okay and that's the way the big Japanese players like to do it. So the capacity projections for the Japanese makers' European facilities - west and central Europe - over the next five to ten years are very important. I'll be taking soundings on what people think and will let you now.


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