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Dave Leggett | 26 October 2005

I came across a press release earlier today put out by a firm that makes slot cars (Revell) and has made a limited edition Porsche Spyder slot car based on the one that James Dean lost his life in some fifty years ago (September 30 1955 to be precise).

Sobering to think that he was, I believe (based on what I have read), minding his own business when someone coming the other way veered across the middle of the road and the most promising young actor of his generation bought it. Poor bastard ('Little Bastard’ was the name on the rear of the car bestowed by Dean's speech trainer Bill Hickman) was only 24. I wonder what he might have gone on to do.

His last work, Giant, was a great film (Liz Taylor was pretty good in it too) and Dean’s acting in it was almost mesmerising in its outstanding qualities. Prior to speaking at a big conference slot, I’ve sometimes fantasised about getting blind drunk and collapsing over the podium like he did in that Giant scene where he delivered a formal speech well under the influence. Fantastic performance and not a PowerPoint slide in sight.

Let’s be extra careful on those roads though people; it’s the other irresponsible idiot, or maybe someone who is just blindsided and can’t see you for a perfectly legitimate reason, who may do for you. 


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