Blog: Dave LeggettJAMA updates - only a month late!

Dave Leggett | 4 April 2003

I've just eyeballed my e-mail inbox as I do first thing every morning. There's the usual spam of course (I seem to get more than ever these days) but the monthly e-mail from JAMA - the Japanese auto manufacturers' association - has arrived and it always causes me a moment's frustration. For some reason, they feel I need to be updated at the beginning of April with February's Japanese new registration and production figures. They were widely reported a month ago of course. I've told them before that this regular e-mail update is a month late and that it would be very much more useful to be updated on the immediately preceding month, but they don't seem geared up for that. Shame. They're wasting their time with these untimely 'updates'.


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