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Dave Leggett | 9 September 2003

Just taken a call from someone who is not at all impressed with the Jaguar X-type estate (station wagon) on display in Frankfurt today and in particular, what it says about Ford's handling of the Jaguar brand. He claimed the design execution was woeful and that it even had cheap plastic roof rails. Another model I look forward to seeing for myself tomorrow. The Jaguar purists must really be in despair these days I would guess. I remember hearing rumblings of discontent from within Jaguar - quite high up - a few years ago. But how do you make money in this business? Ford's industrial strategy of sharing among its brands doesn't seem too crazy to me although I hope they haven't gone too far in compromising the Jaguar brand. But would Jaguar even exist today without Ford? That's a tough question for the Jaguar brand purists I think (Sir John Egan left it in a mess).


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