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Dave Leggett | 14 December 2007

First drive reviews don't get much more important than those for the new Jaguar XF. There is quite simply one helluva lot at stake. I just read one of the first on Auto Express and it's basically a very good one with the reviewer voicing just a few reservations on the front-end styling. I quite like the front, myself, including the bold grille - not 100% sure about the headlamps, but that's being picky. This Jaguar basically looks very good, looks contemporary and if the rest is as good as the reviewer says, that's very encouraging news for whoever takes it on (Tata still most likely, I reckon, One Equity coming up fast - my 'betting odds' Tata 3-2; One Equity 2:1; Mahindra 4:1). 

One interesting aspect to emerge recently is the cool US Jaguar dealers attitude to the idea of an Indian owner. Daft though that is (Tata and Mahindra are not Mickey Mouse companies in the first place and I don't suppose they'll be playing up 'Indianness' to the Jaguar market in America either), I wonder if it nevertheless plays into the hands of One Equity. Jacques Nasser must know better than most what buttons to press through this whole bidding process. It's not just about the money on the table - as Chrysler showed.

Jaguar XF first drive - Auto Express


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