Blog: Dave LeggettJaguar XF

Dave Leggett | 28 November 2006

The replacement for the Jaguar S-Type - called XF - is a vital model for the brand. The name change signals that there is a break with what went before and that's no bad thing. Expect the styling to be very different - less conservative, than the S-Type, for sure.

Retro hasn't worked too well on the S or X. Retain some retro cues, by all means, but if you want to appeal to a younger crowd and get them out of their BMWs and Mercs, you don't do that with a slimmed down version of what your great uncle drives. And S-Type always had a slightly flabby, lazy look about it. After the shot-in-the-arm that has been the XK, the noises coming out of Jaguar now augur well - on product development anyway. 

UK: Next Jaguar S-Type renamed XF


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