Blog: Dave LeggettJaguar X-Type

Dave Leggett | 10 November 2003

More X-Type musings I'm afraid. I was driving behind one yesterday when the blinding realisation hit me that Jaguar should have been bolder with the design if they were serious about reaching out to younger consumers. I know it's an easy criticism to make now and it's not the only reason the car has undershot its sales targets. But looking at the beautiful and striking concepts Jaguar is continually churning out for motor shows, it just seems a shame that they played so safe with the X-Type - although I'm sure there was a compelling case for that at the time. Just an observation. Maybe there are some more radical design ideas in the pot for X-Type Mk II. If Jaguar carries on in that segment of the market it needs to be bold I think, with X-Type more effectively differentiated from S-Type.


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