Blog: Dave LeggettJaguar - under pressure, but a cool brand

Dave Leggett | 23 October 2007

These may be slightly troubling times over at Jaguar, but the Big Cat does some things supremely well. I liked this in The Sunday Times (credit here to the people at headlineauto  - Tony Lewis I think it was -  for, ahem, finding this for me; I was too busy to read the newspaper last weekend). Forget the X-type...

Jeremy Clarkson is rather impressed by Jaguar’s XJR and answers that eternal question of what a car says about its driver.

“Best of all, though, is what the Jag says about you. A Merc says you’re a chauffeur and that you have Lee Ryan from Blue in the back, talking about his new range of hair product. A BMW says you won’t let anyone out of a side turning. An Audi says you’re big in cement, a Lexus says you’re a bit boring and a Maserati says you’ve gone nuts.

“A Jag, though? Well, you could be a government minister, or you could be Arthur Daley. You could be Hannibal Lecter, or you could be the chairman of BP. You could be anyone. But whenever I see a Jag, don’t ask me why, I always assume the driver has a gun in the boot. That makes you look a little bit cool.

“Cool, and when you’re stuck at the lights surrounded by a million Mercs, a little bit smug as well.”


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