Blog: Dave LeggettJaguar - the speculation gets going

Dave Leggett | 7 August 2006

Plenty of speculation in the British Sunday newspapers yesterday over Jaguar. Three reports of note, as far as I can see. The Sunday Times has Land Rover being offered with Jaguar as a sweetener. The idea of Ford keeping a minority stake in a venture with another maker is an interesting one, too.

And just-auto contributor Julian Rendell over at The Observer has Hyundai down as a possible buyer for Jaguar. Certainly, Hyundai would give it a once-over I would think - and there could be interest from Chinese OEMs too.

Actually, Julian does a good job of listing the strengths of Jaguar, its assets and the opportunities it is missing. Does Ford - in its present financial condition - have the will to pump more money in?

The Sunday Express has the Russian oligarch - Oleg Deripaska - who owns GAZ (the firm that just purchased UK van maker LDV; Martin Leach running that particular show) interested. Jags are, let's face it, a little sexier than the utilitarian delivery vans produced by LDV. For an ambitious Russian oligarch with a few bob to spare, it just might be an attractive proposition - especially if there is some good in-house expertise to call on. Ex-Ford man Martin Leach at Jaguar - now there's a thought. 

Links to two of the newspaper reports below:

Land Rover may go in Jaguar sell-off (The Sunday Times)

Koreans eye the Jaguar on the forecourt (Julian Rendell, The Observer)




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