Blog: Dave LeggettJaguar taking 'gorgeous' seriously

Dave Leggett | 28 December 2005

Over the past year there have been quite a few instances in which Jaguar execs have used the word 'gorgeous' when talking about the designs of the next generation models to be kicked off by the new XK. The use of the word always seemed to have a bit more to it than just being a suitable adjective plucked out of thin air. All's becoming clearer now with the advertising for the new XK.

A bit of effort has also gone into the 'prefer gorgeous' website, which is worth a visit. People have perhaps got a bit carried away, naturally, but there are some interesting and fun elements. Click through to 'Explore the new XK' if you want to know a bit about the car and avoid the psycho-babble about what gorgeous is. But the gorgeous survey is worth a look. What is the most gorgeous part of a car - motor, body, interior or name? I went for body and I seem to be in tune with most respondents. What did Ian Callum plump for? The name! Is that what he really thinks is gorgeous about the new XK?! I reckon he's having a little laugh.

Prefer Gorgeous website


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