Blog: Dave LeggettJaguar reaches out

Dave Leggett | 3 December 2009

I guess they really mean it at Jaguar when they talk about taking the brand to a new demographic. An email today informs me that Jaguar announced in the US last night that the new XJ will be making its 'entertainment debut' in the New Year with a 'high profile role' in the new Jay-Z video for his new single: "On to the next one". The video is out in January.

So you can perhaps forget that rather out-of-date stereotype with the big Jaguar sedan-driving late middle-aged gent in his tweed jacket, smoking a cigar, listening to Mozart, well thumbed FT on the passenger seat, driving gloves, country estate in Scotland etc.

Fair enough. Jaguar has to extend its appeal and that takes time to do. Product placement initiatives like this one with Jay-Z make some sense. The traditional customer, by and large, won't even see it and you get the brand out to new people, alter perceptions among young people who may eventually move towards considering the brand or influence people who may purchase. It's a long-term project. And Sting in an S-type is, well, so late nineties.  

The email from a PR/media agency continues: 'The video isn't released until January but we thought you might like to see a sneak preview in this 'making of' video. The preview can't be downloaded or distributed from this website - infact Jay-Z's record company will only allow us to have it up on this password protected site for the next few hours - so it is for information only. At least it gives you a flavour of some of the exciting ways we are taking the new XJ to a different audience when we launch it next year.'

No mate, you're alright. I think I can wait. 


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