Blog: Dave LeggettJaguar Land Rover reshuffle

Dave Leggett | 26 January 2010

CEO David Smith's departure from Jaguar Land Rover raises a number of questions. It seems to have been a rather sudden announcement yesterday that caught the press office on the hop – there's not much by way of explanation so far. There's certainly a lot in the mix at JLR that might have played a part. There are cost-cutting pressures from the parent, a deepening dispute with labour unions and the strains that come with the premium end of the market being stressed wherever you look. If they are generally not happy in Mumbai, maybe the man in the CEO seat was taking the heat. And maybe they have been quietly lining up ex-GM Europe head Carl-Peter Forster to take his place. With Ravi Kant just keeping the seat warm for now...

UK: JLR CEO leaving; Forster in frame


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